Stories and Simulations of Octopus Closures in the WIO – Welcome to join us @ TBTI – SSF Open House, June 7th 2.30pm GMT.

Dear All, we are approaching our final year of the OctoPINTS project, and next up we are sharing our first reflections and insight from our research at the Small-scale Fisheries Open House on the day dedicated to Justice and Equity.

Our hour-long session will focus on methodologies for understanding how small-scale fishery interventions are experienced, understood and simulated by stakeholders and researchers. We spotlight the rapidly spreading periodic octopus closure in the Western Indian Ocean. The session will reflect on multiple understandings and explorations of what ‘success’ means for this intervention process, particularly in the long term. We start by introducing our project, team and cases. Next, a storytelling exercise presents and prioritizes stakeholders’ ideas of closure activities and outcomes while an agent-based model helps to investigate phenomena they identified as important. We end on reflections and discussions from the team and audience on our approach.

Flyer prepared by TBTI!

We hope to see you there! Warmly Welcome, the OctoPINTS team

Online event: OctoPINTS @ TBTI – SSF Open House (14:30 GMT)
June 7th 2021 at 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Zoom link June 7: Justice & Equity

Full schedule and links to the event

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