Upcoming visit to Zanzibar & Invitation to workshop

Our three year project about octopus closures in the Western Indian Ocean is coming to a close this year. In this project we have had the opportunity to explore the combination of agent-based modeling and empirical participatory field methods to answer questions about trade-offs, benefit sharing, as well as short- and long term social-ecological outcomes in protected areas.

On June 28th – July 7th 2022 the OctoPINTS team will be heading back to Zanzibar to feed back our results to villages and stakeholders. We will visit the communities we engaged with in our fieldwork back in 2019, where we plan to share our stories through forum theater and the agent-based model we developed based on the stories. In addition we will visit the local NGO we collaborated with in 2019 to go deeper into our methodologies and results with them. We’ll also bring a booklet (available in English or Kiswahili) where the stories are written and illustrated.

We look forward to revisiting Zanzibar and perhaps even see some of you there, if not – we will continue sharing our experiences in this blog!

Best wishes,

The OctoPINTS team

Stakeholder workshop July 6th, Stone Town Zanzibar – Open Invitation

Workshop for sharing and discussing processes & outputs around octopus closures based on results from the OctoPINTS research project

Dear octopus closure or MPA practitioner/researcher! 

If you are interested in learning more about our work and continue the dialogue around closures you are warmly welcome to attend our upcoming workshop, Stone Town, Zanzibar.

When:       Wednesday July 6th 12:00-16:00 Starting with lunch. 

Where:     The Golden Tulip hotel, Stone Town, Zanzibar.

How:         Please email druryoneill.elizabeth@gmail.com If you are interested in participating to make sure there is room and we can plan better. Let us know if you are joining as soon as possible but at the latest June 26th. 

We would like to share our work with you on our methods and results from the process. And have a dialogue around the implications around our results and how to take things forward. If it is not possible for you to attend the workshop, and you are located in Zanzibar, we might be able to visit your office on another day for a meeting to share our work. Don’t hesitate to contact  us by emailing druryoneill.elizabeth@gmail.com if so! 

Warmly welcome,

Emilie Lindkvist, Liz Drury O’Neill, Tim Daw, Rose Mwaipopo, Andrew Wamukota (on site Zanzibar)

The OctoPINTS team

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