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Storytelling series: Characters of the Closures

The OctoPINTS project would like to introduce you to a storytelling series, where we share stories of characters from marine fishing villages on the Swahili Coast based on our fieldwork.

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  • University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Research Week 2021 – Rosemarie Mwaipopo. Poster presentation and competitions where our work was one of the three research projects selected as best projects at the College of Social Science level and was then presented in the final University level Research week where projects from all disciplines are displayed. Our OctoPINTS project was also selected for display [as part of UDSM] at the National Saba-Saba Celebrations of 2021, held for 10 days at the Mwalimu Nyerere International Trade Fair Grounds. The Saba-Saba celebrations are an annual event held for two weeks and climaxes on 7th July. These celebrations bring together academic, research, service, business, philanthropist and other innovations every year.
  • MARE conference 2021 – Liz presented our work with emphasis on the fieldwork results in her presentation “The politics of compliance in marine protected areas- the case of octopus closures”
  • Social Simulations Conference 2021 – Emilie presented the model and project with the talk title ”Understanding complexities in small-scale fisheries: Combining stories and simulations”.
  • Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM), 2021 – in the network group for gender equity and human rights (Swe- Havs och vatten myndigheten, Nätverksgruppen för jämställdhet och rättigheter). SwAM is the government agency tasked to protect, restore and ensure sustainable use of freshwater resources and seas including fisheries management, with a strong focus in the WIO region. Emilie and Liz presented the project and Liz read Nuru’s story.
  • TBTI Session 2021 – Between June 2nd and 8th 2021 the international small-scale fisheries research partnership Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) virtually hosted 40 sessions run by 70 different organizations in celebration of World Oceans Week 2021 on the theme ‘Life and Livelihoods’. The open house focused on 5 main themes- 1) Wellbeing and food security; 2) Gender & dignity; 3) Change & resilience; 4) Justice & equity; and 5) Capacity & prospects. OctoPINTS took part in the Justice and Equity day hosting an hour long session (Check out the full session on youtube).

Master’s Thesis linked to OctoPINTS

Previous outputs of relevance from team members


Agent-based modeling – a case paper from Mexico

  • Lindkvist, E., Basurto, X., & Schlüter, M. (2017). Micro-level explanations for emergent patterns of self-governance arrangements in small-scale fisheries—A modeling approach. PLOS ONE, 12(4), e0175532.

Small-scale fisheries in East Africa

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Background conceptual & methodological papers

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